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Focus on the design, production and manufacturing of high-end metal buttons, and strive to build the most reliable button supplier manufacturer

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Why Choose Crownbuttons?

We are a global brand clothing button supplier manufacturer

Strength Manufacturing

More than 20 years of deep accumulation, focusing on the high-end metal button market, inheriting the spirit of craftsmen.Committed to providing button products for brand clothing

R & D strength


  • We are committed to the research and development, production, sales and service of metal button products.
  • We have a technical team with many years of research experience.
  • From design and development, embryo forming, production, process processing to assembly, all adopt one-stop operation.

Advanced equipment

Advanced equipment and perfect technology

  • Our button factory has various advanced button making equipment and excellent production lines.
  • We constantly introduce good button production equipment and manufacturing technology.
  • Perfect technical standards provide customers with high-quality buttons with complete varieties, good performance and high precision.

Good quality


  • Multiple environmental control and quality inspection standards for the production process of button factory.
  • Every link is carried out carefully and continuously improved.
  • From raw materials to final inspection and delivery of finished products, strictly check the products to ensure the stability of product quality.

Perfect service

Complete products and perfect service

  • The button factory has thousands of metal button styles, and the product market covers more than 90%.
  • Provide non-standard customized services, which can be designed, processed and customized according to your actual needs.
  • Intimate online services and free technical support will save you worry and effort.

What are the button manufacturers?

crownbuttons global brand clothing button supplier manufacturer

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